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As a Social Security Disability Lawyer I help those who have been injured or have an illness and are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits to get the maximum that you are entitled by law.

Whether you are filing a first time application, or appealing a denial, I have the experience to fight for the the cash benefits you need.

Nationally, only about 30% of Disability applicants are approved at the first level. With the waiting period for Administrative Law Judge appeals now exceeding 500 days, it is more important than ever to get your case right the first time. Even if you get denied make sure you appeal right away and get a professional to guide you because you still have a very good chance of winning given the right evidence develped for you. I have been a member of the National Organization of Social Security Represenatives so I can stay on top of current developments.

When you call or email me please be prepared to answer these question

1. Your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
2. Are you Single Married Widowed Divorced
3 What is your disabling condition that prevents you from working?
4 How long since you have not been able to work?
5 Have you ever applied for Social Security Benefits? If so When were you last denied?
6. Did you appeal?
If yes when?
Were you denied the appeal

I offer a no cost attorney consultation to see if I can help you get approved for social security benefits. Call 1-800-447-6549 to talk to me personally. If I take your case my fee depends on getting you benefits.
Check out this video page about social security disability

Social Security Disability and Multiple Sclerosis

Many victims of multiple sclerosis fight as long as they can to work. But many get so bad that they can no longer work and should be entilted to get social security disability but they get turned down.

Some social security disability judges have a hard time understanding the relapsing remitting kind of multiple sclerosis. Some social security beaurocrats pull isolated things from the medical records to point to the fact that a person with multiple sclerosis can work.

Social security has what's calleded a listing for multiple sclerosis

Here is a quote from that is almost cryptic:

E. Multiple sclerosis. The major criteria for evaluating impairment caused by multiple sclerosis are discussed in Listing 11.09. Paragraph A provides criteria for evaluating disorganization of motor function and gives reference to 11.04B (11.04B then refers to 11.00C). Paragraph B provides references to other listings for evaluating visual or mental impairments caused by multiple sclerosis. Paragraph C provides criteria for evaluating the impairment of individuals who do not have muscle weakness or other significant disorganization of motor function at rest, but who do develop muscle weakness on activity as a result of fatigue.

Use of the criteria in 11.09C is dependent upon (1) documenting a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, (2) obtaining a description of fatigue considered to be characteristic of multiple sclerosis, and (3) obtaining evidence that the system has actually become fatigued. The evaluation of the magnitude of the impairment must consider the degree of exercise and the severity of the resulting muscle weakness.

The criteria in 11.09C deal with motor abnormalities which occur on activity. If the disorganization of motor function is present at rest, paragraph A must be used, taking into account any further increase in muscle weakness resulting from activity.

Sensory abnormalities may occur, particularly involving central visual acuity. The decrease in visual acuity may occur after brief attempts at activity involving near vision, such as reading. This decrease in visual acuity may not persist when the specific activity is terminated, as with rest, but is predictably reproduced with resumption of the activity. The impairment of central visual acuity in these cases should be evaluated under the criteria in Listing 2.02, taking into account the fact that the decrease in visual acuity will wax and wane.

Clarification of the evidence regarding central nervous system dysfunction responsible for the symptoms may require supporting technical evidence of functional impairment such as evoked response tests during exercise.

Luckily this is not the only way to get social security disability . You can still get it if you do not meet the listing if you are unable to do substantial gainful activity.

By Social security disability lawyer Anthony Castelli
Call me today with any questions you have at 1-800-447-6549. I have seen many peole affected my this difficult disease and have cases I can cite to the Social security administration

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Social Security Disability Secrets Are Not So Secret IF You Hire An Experinced Lawyer

Hiring a Ohio Disability Attorney for Social Security Representation takes the Secrets out of the disability process. Statistically, the majority of Social Security Disabilityand ssi claims are denied at the first claim and second review. This typically happens regardless of whether or not a claimant is represented by an attorney.For this reason, many SSD and SSI claim will need to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge before a claimant can hope to receive disability benefits. It is at the level of an ALJ hearing that one should always be accompanied by a Disability Attorney.

There are many things a socail security lawyer can do that can put your case in a better light.
So do not give up. Get Help. You could loose everything and for good if you do not take the necessary steps.
The simple fact is : the vast majority of SSD and SSI claimants will have no idea how to properly and thoroughly prepare a disability case for a hearing, whereas an attorney advocate disability representative can apply years of expertise with social security rules and regulations toward the goal of obtaining a favorable outcome on a case.

 This month I will be teaching lawyers techniques for winning social security cases. I wish you could be there to learn. But all you really need to do is contact me right now for a FREE case evaluation . Call me at 1-800-447-6549 I promise to return your call as soon as I can.

You have found a Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI) lawyer serving Cincinnati, Ohio.

While a disability attorney or non attorney advocate representative cannot guarantee that a claimant will be awarded social security disability or ssi benefits, a social security lawyer can guarantee that a case will be properly developed prior to a hearing date.

For more information about Social Security Disability Click below to go to my Cincinnati practice Center
Social Security Disability Secrets Are Not So Secret If You Hire An Experienced Lawyer
Remember it costs nothing to call and speak with me. And if you hire me you are not charged an hourly fee.

Don't Delay and Make one of the three critical mistakes I talk about on this cincinnati social security disability help video

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Cincinnati Social security disability Attorney Issues Press Release

Cincinnati social security disability attorney Anthony Castelli issued a press release about his new social security disability practice center.

Now its easier than ever to get easy to understand advice, in article or video form on how to win your social security application. Anthony said, " I tried to make this page so anyone seeking to apply for social security disability benefits could easily find keys topics without being overwhelmed. I put what I thought would be the most important points to cover."

To learn about such timely topics as:

  What you must do to win your social security disability case

   The social security disability application process

    The difference between SSI and SSDI

    7 Critical Mistakes that can Ruin your social security disability case

     5 Keys to winning Your case

Go to the Cincinnati social security disability attorney center

Click here for The press release about Anthony's practice center for social security disability

Anthony welcomes your questions and offers a Free No Obligation conult Call 1-800-447-6549


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Cincinnati Attorney Meets Social Security Disability Expert

If you have ever looked for help from a social security disability attorney you may have seen this web site. It's called the disability digest. The web site is The publisher is an amazing man Brian Thierren. After searching his web site I was curious about someone that knew so much about social security disability.

So I emailed Brian. We corresponed back and forth and connected by phone. Brian not only helps people get social security disability with his web site, he also provides jobs for disabled folks.  If you get social security disability you can still make gross income up to $1000 a month. Brian can provide access to work , mostly at home at your own pace and part time that can get socal security claimants extra income.

 He also has access to attorneys in your state if you can not find a good social security disability attorney to help you. I very much enjoyed speaking with Brian and found him to be very genuine and dedicated to helping the disabled.

Brian also has a free social security disability mini course . Here are some of the topics:

1. Getting Started

2. What You'll Need To File

3. Why Claims get denied and what to do about it

4. Why It Takes So Friggin' Long!

5. Attorneys' When and if you need one?

6. How An Attorney Can Help You WIN! (audio interview)

8. Eight Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Representative

10. How to Survive The Wait?

11. Learn What Happens At the Hearing! (Video)

I was elated to see that much of this information  I have on my own web site Cincinnati social security disability lawyer

Learn HowYou Can Maximizes Your Chances Of Winning and Avoid costly mistakes that cause delays or ruin your case forever.  For  a short and straight to the point explanation about what to do now call me for a free no cost consultation at 1-800-447-6549 or go to my web site and read the articles and watch the videos on social security disability help. You don't have to do this alone and you can greatly increase your chances of winning disability benefits.