Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New Fast Way to Get Your Cincinnati Social Security Disability Case Allowed

There is a new fast way to get your Cincinnati social security disability case allowed. Social security cases can take over two years from the time you apply to finally getting allowed . The reason for this is there are delays if you get denied to get your case heard.

It takes two appeals to get to the office of adjudication and review. That's the stage where attorney's have a high success rate. However it can take up to or over 18 months to get your case heard once it reaches that level. However the local office of adjudication and review has instituted new procedures that can expedite the decision on your case. In fact , in the right circumstance you can get your case decided without a hearing by the judge.

If you have recently been denied disability benefits and you would like information on how you may be able to get your decision at an earlier stage call Cincinnati Social security disability attorney Anthony Castelli today at 1-800-447-6549 There is no charge and no obligation.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Good news for Cincinnati Social Security Disability Claims

Everyone wants to know why does it take so long to get my case heard. As most social security disability claimants know there are 2 separate appeals that can be filed. After the first denial the appeal is called reconsideration. This is heard by the same people that denied the claim in the first place. They normally deny you.

The next appeal is a hearing in front of a federal administrative law Judge. The Cincinnati appeals office has always been one of the best. However they only had a short staff of 8 or 9 judges. Now they have 14 and are pushing casers faster.

So instead of a 24 months to 30 month wait the time is now more like 18 months. Plus in the right case attorneys can get the case advanced and get a decision without hearing. I recently was able to get a favorable decision is 11 months.

The bad side to this as many of these new judges are more conservative and some appear less likely to grant disability benefits. That's why its more important than ever to get a disability attorney that piles on the evidence from every source possible. And the evidence must contain certain critical information.

by Cincinnati social security disability attorney Anthony Castelli. Call today at 621-2345 or email to get the help you need to get the benefits you deserve.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cincinnati Social Security Attorney Explains Disability for Epilepsy

Many epileptics are uanable to work. One test is proving that you can not perform any jobs that exist in substantial numbers. This is the fall back test. By that I mean that if your epilepsy meets certain criteria you will be found disabled automatically. These criteria are called listings. Here are the two listings for epilepsy;
11.02 Epilepsy - convulsive epilepsy, (grand mal or psychomotor), documented by detailed description of a typical seizure pattern, including all associated phenomena; occurring more frequently than once a month, in spite of at least 3 months of prescribed treatment. With:

A. Daytime episodes (loss of consciousness and convulsive seizures) or

B. Nocturnal episodes manifesting residuals which interfere significantly with activity during the day.

So this severe type of epilepsy rquires seizures occuring more than once a month.

11.03 Epilepsy - nonconvulsive epilepsy (petit mal, psychomotor, or focal), documented by detailed description of a typical seizure pattern including all associated phenomena, occurring more frequently than once weekly in spite of at least 3 months of prescribed treatment. With alteration of awareness or loss of consciousness and transient postictal manifestations of unconventional behavior or significant interference with activity during the day.

This less severe epilepsy requires seizures more frequntly that once a week.

A winnng tip is that you must have someone else document your seizures. That means you keep a notebook with you. The person that's with you should put down the following information.

1 date of seizure and day of week 2. time and place of seizure

3. what they observed about the seizure including duration and after effects

To get the help you need call Cincinnati social security disability lawyer Anthony Castelli at 621-2345 for a free consultation so you can get the compensation you deserve