Monday, March 26, 2012

Should Children Concieved After Death Get Social Security Survivors Benefits

There is a raging controversy as to whether a child concieved after the death of their father should get social security survivor benefits. This is a different benefit from social security disability. When a parent dies with enough covered quarters the child under 18 is generally entitled to a survivor's benefit.

But what about children that are conceived after the death of the father. This can come about when artificial insemination is done from the father's sperm. If the child was conceived before the parent's death there is no issue. But when the child was not in the mother's womb before death there is a big issue that that the United States Supreme Court has heard.  Follow this link to the transcript of the oral arguement in the Unuted States Supreme Court on survivor's benefits .

Despite a lot of legal jargon a member of the Linkedin social security group felt it came down to this arguement:

" It seems apparent to me that the key is that the kids  were conceived after the death of the husband. I don't think the Supremes are going to set that precedent. It's a completely different situation than one where the wife is pregnant when the husband dies since in that situation, she is expecting that the husband's income will be used to support the kids. When you conceive after the husband is already dead, you know going into it that the husband cannot support the kids as he is not alive. The whole point of survivor benefits is to make up for the parent's income that was supporting the children."    

Certainly a very interesting topic and there are more than 100 cases pending before Social Secuity Administration right now. As a Cincinnati social security lawyer I work mostly in the area of disability benefits which focuses on the claimant's inability to work. Did you know that a widow can get benefits on her deceased husband's earnings if she becomes disabled between age 50-60. This is a different scenario all together than survivor's benefits.

So comment here and tell me what you think or if you are unable to work for one for one year iIwould be happy to help you seek Social security disability benefits in Cincinnati .

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Monday, March 12, 2012

How To get Social Security Benefits For Multiple Sclerosis - It' MS Awareness Week

If you have multiple sclerosis you may be struggling to continue working and would like to know how to get social security disability benefits for MS. Or you may have had to stop working and want to know how to apply for social security disability benefits in Cincinnati or other areas . Finally you may have applied for social security disability benefits and been denied and do not know what to do .

    The Most Important thing you can do is hire an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer

In each of the situations I describe it is imperative to know how to "beat the system" . By that I mean you want every tip and trick to be in your arsenal to help you win. Social security denies those that are deserving but did not do the right thing. As a Cincinnati social security lawyer for over 30 tears you can bet I have some tips and techniques I use to win as many cases as a can. No one wins every time, but you can increase your odds and you really have nothing to loose. The attorney fee is only paid out of any back benefits you are entitled.


You will also have access to three free videos and articles like:

7 critical mistakes that can ruin your social security claim.

5 Keys to Winning Your Social Security Claim

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Social Security Lawyer in Cincinnati on Certified Nurse Practitioner Value

As a Cincinnati social security lawyer I read hundred of medical records. These are records I get for my social security disability clients that are filing for social security disability. I order these records from their doctor's offices because medical evidence is critical.

More and more I see that a nurse practitioner has been the person seeing my social security applicants. This is an issue since their "testimony" is not as strong as a medical doctor. In fact there is a social security ruling on this issue.

Here is the complicated ruling. you can skip to the end and I'll tell you what it means and what to do.

The SSR 06-3P states:
In addition to evidence from “acceptable medical sources,” we may use evidence from “other sources,” as defined in 20 CFR 404.1513(d) and 416.913(d), to show the severity of the individual's impairment(s) and how it affects the individual's ability to function. These sources include, but are not limited to:

• Medical sources who are not “acceptable medical sources,” such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, licensed clinical social workers, naturopaths, chiropractors, audiologists, and therapists; and

• “Non-medical Sources” including, but not limited to:
• Educational personnel, such as school teachers, counselors, early intervention team members, developmental center workers, and daycare center workers;
• Public and private social welfare agency personnel, rehabilitation counselors; and
• Spouses, parents and other caregivers, siblings, other relatives, friends, neighbors, clergy, and employers.

Information from these “other sources” cannot establish the existence of a medically determinable impairment. Instead, there must be evidence from an “acceptable medical source” for this purpose. However, information from such “other sources” may be based on special knowledge of the individual and may provide insight into the severity of the impairment(s) and how it affects the individual's ability to function.

The ruling further states:
“Accordingly, this ruling clarifies how we consider opinions and other evidence from medical sources who are not “acceptable medical sources” and from “non-medical sources,” such as teachers, school counselors, social workers, and others who have seen the individual in their professional capacity, as well as evidence from employers, spouses, relatives, and friends. This ruling also explains how we consider decisions on disability made by other governmental and nongovernmental agencies.”

The Bottom line is a Cincinnati social security lawyer should get a doctor to co-sign anything the nursse sends you such as an RFC. The nurse should be given weight for the social security application for any rstrictions or limitations, but the nurse really can not offer a diagnosis that will hold weight.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ask Me Your Most Burning Cincinnati SSI Disability Question

If you are considering applying for SSI Suplemental Security Income or SSDI Social security disability income because you are unable to work you probably have a burning question or two.

Some people seeking help call me and just ask how do they file for social security disability .The second big question is, Can I get social security disability, what are the requirements. Or you may have an entirely different question.

I would be happy to anwer any question you have about getting SSI or SSDI for free. In other words you can  talk to a real lawyer that practices social security disability law free of charge . All you have to do is pick up the phone and call at 513-621-2345.

Or you can go to my social security disability lawyer web page and ask your question there. You will get an added bonus of the many free videos and articles that help explain How to file for social security disability and what you must prove to win your claim. As well as 7 critical mistakes that can ruin your Social security disability claim.

If I think you have a claim I will tell you and then if you desire to hire me take your case on a contingency fee basis. My fee is only charged on and comes out of past due benefits and is 25% of the past due benefits capped at $6000. Don't delay you may be loosing benefits by failing to act. Click contact us for social security disability

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Cincinnati Social Secrity Lawyer Video Advice on Winning has over 26,000 Views

As a Cincinnati social security disability lawyer with a video that has over 26,000 views I am hoping it has helped deserving people that are too ill or injured to work get social security disability benefits. There is just too much at stake for social security applications to get filed with out professional help. Especially since most social security disability lawyers do not charge a fee unless they win you back benfits.

Instead of talking about myself and the 30 years I've helped social security applicants I answer the question How to win social security disability benefits. I gave the three critical mistakes that can cause people that are too hurt or ill to work be denied benefits.

The climate is even getting worse as more and more people try to get SSI or SSDI benfits. And the nameless faceless government sit in their cubicles denying people left and right.

Here are the three ctritical mistakes that social security disability claimnats make when the apply for social security disability benefits

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