Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cincinnati Social Security lawyer Will File Your Application in Our office No Wating in Line

As a Cincinnati social security disability lawyer I've learned that many people do not know how to file their application for social security disability. This can be done many ways but not many lawyers will help you file the initial application.

My office staff can file your application at our office if I determine after a free consultation with you that your case has merit.  We can help you put into the right words the language social security needs to hear.  Plus we only charge you a fee if your application is approved. And the fee only comes out of your back benefits. The fee is 25% of your back benefits.

Winning your case can make all the difference in the world . To a person age 50 seeking social security disability benefits that would be entitled to $1500 a month a win  is worth $170,000 over the next 15 years.  That's $18,000 per year. Benefits are based on earnings that have been paid in. Or in the case of SSI your monetary need.

You can avoid going down to social security and waiting in line by coming to our office to file your social security disability application . You can have an experienced SSI and SSDI lawyer guide you. And if your case is denied we can be ready to appeal it for you and represent you in front of a social security administrative law judge.

Know that social security denies people deserving of social security disability benefits. Here is a press release about my Cincinnati Social security disability practice center. Please educate yourself with some videos and read some articles. Then call me for a free consultation . Schedule an appointment without delay to get you SSI or SSDI application filed without delay and with the help of Anthony Castelli attorney an experienced  social security disability attorney . The time is now to get the benefits you deserve.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Use A Physical Therapist to Win Your SSI Claim

My clients tell me that "Winning my SSI  or Social security Disability Claim means everything to them. As well it should as their future is at stake if you can not work and you have no money coming in. So my goal is to win your social security claim no matter what.

Many SSI lawyers do not realize to enlist the Physical therapist to give a residual functional capacity evaluation, (what you can and can't do). They may not realize this opinion is valid. Recently I read in the NOSSCR National Association of Social Security Claimaints' Representatives Social Security Forum that an Administrative law judge rejected the physical therapists's opinion that the claimant should be limited to a sedentary position where he could be mostly seated with the ability to elevate his legs and flexibility to change positions as needed. 

The federal district court found the Judge to have erred for rejecting the opinion by the physical therapist . The judge had found under social security rules this was not an acceptable source because the therapist was not a doctor. The court explained the opinion was still valid under SSR 06-3p.

Click here to find a Social security disability lawyer to help with a free case evaluation. Time is running.
SSI Lawyers and Social security disability lawyers handles both kinds of cases.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Social Security Disability Critical Claim Mistakes

Social Security disability claimants often want to know what are some of the critical mistakes that I can avoid that may ruin my chance for winning my Social security disability application. There are quite a few mistakes that can cause you to lose your social security disability claim.  An experienced social security disability attorney would be your best defense against making these mistakes. Just as important they are your defense when a Judge errs.

Failure to follow prescribed treatment is one of the big mistakes that can affect your credibility or in some cases is mandatory in order to win .For instance if you have epilepsy and are unable to work because of it you may be able to win you case. but you will lose if you do not take the medicine as prescribed that could , but may not prevent your epileptic seizures.

Here is a video I recorded on three distinct additional mistakes that social security disability or supplemental security income claimants make that can wreck your case, possibly forever in an SSDI as distinguished from an SSI case.

Three Critical Mistakes that can ruin your social security disability case by a Cincinnati Social security disability lawyer

When you file for social security your financial future and the well being of your family is at stake. The 25% fee out of past due benefits capped at six thousand dollars seems a small amount to take out of a winning social security disability case that could mean hundreds of thousands of benefits.

Click here to find a Cincinnati Social security disability lawyer Anthony Castelli and more information about him as well as your social security claim.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cincinnati Attorney Reveals Critical Change in Social Security Disability Law

If you are a Cincinnati Social security disability lawyer or a social security disability claimant that has been denied at the administrative law judge hearing you need to learn about SSR 11-1p the latest social security ruling on disability claim.

Under this ruling social security will no longer process a later disability appilcation if you already have a claim under the ame title and of the same type pending in their administrative review process. A claimant who wants to file a new disability claim under the same title and of the same benefit type will have to choose between going on with the administrative appeal or decling to purse the administrative review and starting a new application.

This comes about when you have been denied by the administrative law judge at a hearing . you can appeal that to the appeals counsel which could normally take over a year. There is no hearing involved. If you loose that appeal you can file into federal court. Again there is no hearing and it is rare your case is overturned but sometimes they are remanded for further hearing.

So this puts the claimants on the horns of a dilemna and it is important to discuss with your social security disability the pros and cons and what may be best for you.If you need to find a Cincinnati social security disability attorney click here

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Social Security Disabilty Benefits Expedited for Veterans Secret Revealed by Cincinnati Lawyer

If you have filed for social security disability benefits you know the process can take over two years in some cases. However there are certain ways to get your case expedited. This is true especially if you are a veteran seeking social security disability benefits.

As a experienced social security disability lawyer I take a two pronged approach to getting veterans benefits much faster than the ordinary route.

Two Pronged Approach to Speeding up Social Security Disability Application for Veterans

1. The first step is showing some connection between your disability and the fact that it may have been service connected. Here's the form number the social security administration uses for expediting disability benefits . I-2-1-95. Exhibit – Critical Request Evaluation Sheet. The form suggests that the disability , or at least one of the disabilities the veteran is claiming is due to a casualty.
However it does not hurt to try to move your case along if the injury was traumatically caused.

In fact I was successful in representing a veteran with a service connected back injury caused by the weight and awkward position he ended up in that injured his back.

2. The second step for expediting social security disabiliy benefits applications is asking for an attorney advisor opinion. The social security lawyer you choose has to be proactive in sending pertinent medical evidence and requesting this.

In successful cases this can shave as much as a year of waiting or more from getting your social security disability application acted uopn.

By Cincinnati Ohio social security disability lawyer

Anthony Castelli. Call today for a free consultation. We do not charge a fee unless back benefits are awarded. 513-631-2345

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cincinnati Lawyer Tells How to Win Your Social Security disability benefits Claim

Winning You My Social Security disability benefits claim makes all the difference between living on a hand out to living with some pride and hope. Even when people that had jobs making hundreds of thousands of dollars some judges will still look at the credibility of the social security claimant.

That's where a Cincinnati social security disability lawyer can be of benefit. They can marshal all the evidence into a strong argument as to why you are unable to work.
You must show you can not work at any gainful employment for 1 full year.

The importance of a complete record from all your doctors is critical. social security stops collecting this information when the case gets submitted to the law judge. that's why it's critical to look at your case file and furnish all records and reports that are not in the file. it is the best Cincinnati social security disability lawyer can do is getting the complete set of records.

This video above explains what you must prove to get social security disability to grant you a winning application. Age can be a big factor once you reach 50 years old as the video explains. There are many disability secrets that the lay person does not know. that's why it's critical to hire the best social security disability lawyer you can so you can be guided in what to do and so critical pieces of evidence are gathered and critical legal arguments are made on your behalf.

P{lease call me at 1-800-447-6549 with any questions you have.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Number 1 Way to Win Your Social Security Disability Case by Cincinnati Lawyer


Many social security applicants do not know what is necessary to win. Some lawyers make a key mistake by not getting the number 1 most critical piece of evidence that can win your social security case. Without it you may not be able to win your case.

Social disability claimants when asked why they can not work will tell you
words to the effect of I have a bad back, I have had 2 back sugeries, I have a herniated disc. Or they may say I was in a auto car crash and hurt by back. Or I got hurt at work when I fell. or they may say I slipped on a wet floor in a store and damaged my knee.

But none of thses injuries tell us what you can or can not do in terms of basic work activities. Basic work activities are things such as standing, walking, lifting, sitting, pushing, pulling, bending, reaching. The social security disability claimant needs to be able to describe with specifics how long they can stand at one time and how long they can stand total in an eight hour day. The reason for this as jobs are rated this way. Social secrity disability claimants must show that they can not do their former work , but also work that exists in the national economy.

Thus it is important to get a local social security disability lawyer
that knows this key piece of information. When I was starting out doing social security disability help the chief administrative law judge at the time told me exactly what he wanted to see a social security disability lawyer do at a hearing. It involved this evidence in conjunction with cross-examination of a social secuirty disability vocation expert.

You can not just tell the judge or the social security administration how long you can sit , stand, walk and how much you can lift. Your treating physician must provide this information on a special report form. You must have the support of your treating physician. And he must give the information in a certain format.

I have developed a form that I use to submit to my client's doctor. This form assures the correct information will be given. It makes the doctor
give the objective evidence that could reasonably be causing the symptoms and the FCE or functional capacity of the individual in terms of what they can do. If you are beginning the process of filing for social security disability you can contact me a social security disabilty attorney . Just click on the link to be taken to my social security disability lawyer web page . I will gladly send you me form for no cost to you.

Even if you have been denied benefits don't give up hope. Fill out the short information box on my web site or call me at 1-800-447-6549 for a free case evaluation.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Have Multple Sclerosis Can I Get Social Security Disability

If you have multiple sclerosis and are unable to work full time you may be entitled to get social security disability benefits. You must prove you can not work full time for at least one year.

Some judges are very difficult to get benefits awarded as they do not understand that some people have good and bad days. They judge you by your good days. That's where it's the job of a skilled social security disability lawyer to educate the judge and provide proof about the effects of multipe sclerosis.

Here is a great resource site people can go to if the have multiple sclerosis and want help and support.

You can prove you are disabled in two ways. One is if you meet a listing . Here is the listing for multiple sclerosis for social security disability.

11.09 Multiple sclerosis. With:

A. Disorganization of motor function as described in 11.04B; or

B. Visual or mental impairment as described under the criteria in 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, or 12.02; or

C. Significant, reproducible fatigue of motor function with substantial muscle weakness on repetitive activity, demonstrated on physical examination, resulting from neurological dysfunction in areas of the central nervous system known to be pathologically involved by the multiple sclerosis process.

However many MS victims do not meet this listing . But if you can show that you will miss 3 days a month from work that may be enough to prove you can not competitively hold down a job.

If you are seeking social security benefits and get denied do not give up. Get an attorney to help you. I welcome your call for a free consultation. My fee is only awarded if there is a recovery of back benefits. So call a social security disability lawyer today at 1-800-447-6549

For more information please go to the social security disability page on my web site.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Win Your Social Security Disability Case Now

If you live in Cincinnati Ohio and are so ill or injured that you will not be able to work, you may be able to get social security disability benefits. But the process in complicated for a lay person so getting guidance can make all the difference in the world.

You don't have to worry about how you will pay your lawyer since most of us take a fee of 25% of you back benefits only if we win of course. You have a much better chance of winning your case if it is presented to meet the hurdles Social security puts in front of you.

Here is the Social security checklist they use to evaluate your case in a specific order:

1. Are you now working at some competitive level? This is called sustained gainful employment . generally if you are making over $1000 per month that can be gainful employment. so you still may be able to work a little and qualify.

2. If you are not working, is your condition severe? Don't worry about this step. Almost every condition is severe.

3. If you condition is severe, does your condition meet a medical listing?

4. If your condition does not meet a listing, can you return to your past work?

5. If you cannot return to past work, can you do any other type of work?

Find out why people 50 or over have an easier path to social security disability benefits in some cases. Or if you would like a free consultation to see if you may have a case or even if social security denied you please call my law office at 1-800-447-6549 . Or go to to my web site and find inside tips that can help your case for social security disability

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Speed Up Your Social Security Disability Claim

Social security disability is known for the long delays it takes to get approved. You can go through two appeals after the initial denial. However early help can be helpful in moving the case forward.

The first thing is to get an experienced social security attorney to either fill out the forms for the initial application or advise you what to do. There are certain ways to phrase your injury and it's affects that can be critical. you must relate your injury or illness to how it affects basic work activities such as standing , sitting, lifting, walking, fingering, concentrating.

Additionally the date of onset is important. It is not always the date you last worked. That date may be an unsuccessful work attempt and your earlier time on not working should be used.

Also if your case gets denied through the law judge level you may be able to get a decision on the record. Again an experienced social security disability lawyer can advise you and get a decision on the record if appropriate. This means you may not have to wait for up to 1-2 years just to have the judge hear your case personally.

If you are not going to be able to work for one full year call Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli for a free case audit at 1-800-447-6549

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Social Security Disability Secrets revealed on Video by Cincinnati Lawyer

Social security denies valid claims.That means deserving people are denied.I just had a client who was very depressed after a denial , but he came to me and we were able to get his case overturned.This was after the first denial . A rarity as most cases have to go to the second denial and to a hearing in front of a judge.

Here are some video tips to help you win your social security disability application. The worst thing you can do is give up after one denial. Many claimants are awarded benefits after a denial.But you must appeal. Get a attorney to do it for you. These videos will explain what to do

The primary reason they were able turn a denial into a victory is that they hired a good social security disability attorney who know how to get the right medical information before social security.

Here are three video to start you education or increase your knowledge about social security disability benefits.

Social security disability benefits and SSI - What's The difference

Three critical mistakes that can ruin your social security disability application

What You must Prove To win You Social Security Disability application

I welcome you call. Call me today for a FREE No Obligation Consultation 1-800-447-6549

Come to me web site and you will find a free Cincinnati social security disability practice center. You will find it packed with articles and videos written in words the lay person can understand and act upon.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Medicare Tips For Social Security Disability Claimants

Many people do not realize that if there social security disability application is awarded that 25 months after the date of disability that can get medicare. Some think they have to wait for retirement social security.
But that's not the case. Obviously this is another important aspect of winning your social security disability application.

By friend Brian Therrien has a great free course he offers about medicare and your options. He says his course makes it a whole lot easier to figure out your options. And I know Brian to be a man of his word.

Health costs are now the leading cause of bankruptcy, but an
affordable plan can help protect you from the high costs of health

Register for the mini course below to hear or read the transcripts
from the fascinating interviews "All About Medicare" and How To Choose
The Most Affordable Plan For Your Needs."

You'll get a complete guide with step-by-step instructions for Medicare
Parts A, B, C, and D, and you will find out how to determine your
needs and find a plan to match them.

To keep you up to speed with the Medicare changes, we will be
sending you updates to insure that you are in the know and are
doing the best you can with your dough.

This is one FREE course you cannot afford to miss. To register
for your free Medicare mini course and insurance guide Click here

What follows is a short introduction to medicare .

Medicare part a

It’s actually hospital insurance. It’s the insurance that covers folks if they’re in a hospital for an acute stay. These are the major costs, unpredicted costs that people will face. All folks are eligible for Part A and, actually, your premium is paid for you if you’ve worked for 40 quarters. So, if you’ve had 10 years of working experience, once you become Medicare eligible, there is no premium for Part A. It’s part of the dues you paid as a working adult.

This does not cover custodial care and the deductible is about $1000.

Now, most folks, at the same time that they become eligible for Part A, become eligible for Part B. B is the outpatient insurance. This is things like doctor visits, physical therapy, durable medical equipment, and anything that is covered outside of an inpatient stay in a hospital. Now, there’s always a premium to Part B, even if you’ve worked your 40 quarters. Part B, this year, is $96.40 per month. Now, people with higher incomes will actually pay a graded escalation to that, so it can be anywhere from $122 to $238 a month, but most of us that are Medicare eligible see a $98 or $96.40 deduction from the Social Security check on a monthly basis to pay that Part B premium.
Medicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage. And we’ve heard a lot about Medicare Advantage in the last couple of years. It’s’s a fairly new concept. It’s actually private insurance companies that are paid by Medicare to administer the care for individuals. So, for example, if you decided to go with a Medicare Advantage Plan with, for lack of a better term, Aetna, Medicare will actually pay the insurance company $800 to $1,000 per month for that coverage. Now, the insurance company has agreed that the plan that they offer under Medicare Advantage has to be at least as good as Medicare. It has to cover things at least as good as Medicare did. Now, what the insurance company will also do is they may add an additional premium of anywhere from $20 to $40 to $60 per month and in return, they may be ancillary benefits that are included in the plan. Things that Medicare doesn’t cover. Like an eye exam for nearsighted/farsighted, like some dental coverage, like hearing aid coverage. All things that Medicare does not pay for, but the private insurance company, again, because they want to compete in the open market, are going to try to offer things that are...that consumers want.

The important thing to note is your doctor must be in there plan or you can not use him.
D came out in 2006 and that is also known as the drug plan. This was instituted by the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. The first plans came out in 2006 and it is a fairly complex insurance plan for prescription drugs. While there are dozens and dozens of plans in every area, it’s important to know how they’re basically set up and they’re all set up really on the same chassis, with a few modifications because this is private insurance, Part D is, sold by private insurance company, so they’re always looking for an angle how to make our plan more attractive than someone else’s? But, essentially, this is how they’re built. A person pays a monthly premium. May or may not pay a deductible. And then pay roughly 25% of the cost of prescriptions until the cost of those prescriptions reaches $2,700. Once those prescriptions reach $2,700, the person, individual, pays 100% of all the cost of the drugs until they reach $4,350. Once they reach $4,350, the insurance plan pays 95%. What they call catastrophic coverage. So, each plan really has three tiers. There’s a 25% up to $2,700, there’s 100% up to $4,350, and then there’s 5% that you pay from $4,350 on to the end of the year and then it resets every year.

Call today if you need help filing or appealing your social security disability denial. 1-800-447-6549 There is no cost or obligation. Or go to my social security disability practice center for articles and videos that can help you through the maze.

Social Security Disability Application File or Appeal Your Case

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


As a Social Security Disability Lawyer I help those who have been injured or have an illness and are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits to get the maximum that you are entitled by law.

Whether you are filing a first time application, or appealing a denial, I have the experience to fight for the the cash benefits you need.

Nationally, only about 30% of Disability applicants are approved at the first level. With the waiting period for Administrative Law Judge appeals now exceeding 500 days, it is more important than ever to get your case right the first time. Even if you get denied make sure you appeal right away and get a professional to guide you because you still have a very good chance of winning given the right evidence develped for you. I have been a member of the National Organization of Social Security Represenatives so I can stay on top of current developments.

When you call or email me please be prepared to answer these question

1. Your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
2. Are you Single Married Widowed Divorced
3 What is your disabling condition that prevents you from working?
4 How long since you have not been able to work?
5 Have you ever applied for Social Security Benefits? If so When were you last denied?
6. Did you appeal?
If yes when?
Were you denied the appeal

I offer a no cost attorney consultation to see if I can help you get approved for social security benefits. Call 1-800-447-6549 to talk to me personally. If I take your case my fee depends on getting you benefits.
Check out this video page about social security disability

Social Security Disability and Multiple Sclerosis

Many victims of multiple sclerosis fight as long as they can to work. But many get so bad that they can no longer work and should be entilted to get social security disability but they get turned down.

Some social security disability judges have a hard time understanding the relapsing remitting kind of multiple sclerosis. Some social security beaurocrats pull isolated things from the medical records to point to the fact that a person with multiple sclerosis can work.

Social security has what's calleded a listing for multiple sclerosis

Here is a quote from that is almost cryptic:

E. Multiple sclerosis. The major criteria for evaluating impairment caused by multiple sclerosis are discussed in Listing 11.09. Paragraph A provides criteria for evaluating disorganization of motor function and gives reference to 11.04B (11.04B then refers to 11.00C). Paragraph B provides references to other listings for evaluating visual or mental impairments caused by multiple sclerosis. Paragraph C provides criteria for evaluating the impairment of individuals who do not have muscle weakness or other significant disorganization of motor function at rest, but who do develop muscle weakness on activity as a result of fatigue.

Use of the criteria in 11.09C is dependent upon (1) documenting a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, (2) obtaining a description of fatigue considered to be characteristic of multiple sclerosis, and (3) obtaining evidence that the system has actually become fatigued. The evaluation of the magnitude of the impairment must consider the degree of exercise and the severity of the resulting muscle weakness.

The criteria in 11.09C deal with motor abnormalities which occur on activity. If the disorganization of motor function is present at rest, paragraph A must be used, taking into account any further increase in muscle weakness resulting from activity.

Sensory abnormalities may occur, particularly involving central visual acuity. The decrease in visual acuity may occur after brief attempts at activity involving near vision, such as reading. This decrease in visual acuity may not persist when the specific activity is terminated, as with rest, but is predictably reproduced with resumption of the activity. The impairment of central visual acuity in these cases should be evaluated under the criteria in Listing 2.02, taking into account the fact that the decrease in visual acuity will wax and wane.

Clarification of the evidence regarding central nervous system dysfunction responsible for the symptoms may require supporting technical evidence of functional impairment such as evoked response tests during exercise.

Luckily this is not the only way to get social security disability . You can still get it if you do not meet the listing if you are unable to do substantial gainful activity.

By Social security disability lawyer Anthony Castelli
Call me today with any questions you have at 1-800-447-6549. I have seen many peole affected my this difficult disease and have cases I can cite to the Social security administration

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Social Security Disability Secrets Are Not So Secret IF You Hire An Experinced Lawyer

Hiring a Ohio Disability Attorney for Social Security Representation takes the Secrets out of the disability process. Statistically, the majority of Social Security Disabilityand ssi claims are denied at the first claim and second review. This typically happens regardless of whether or not a claimant is represented by an attorney.For this reason, many SSD and SSI claim will need to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge before a claimant can hope to receive disability benefits. It is at the level of an ALJ hearing that one should always be accompanied by a Disability Attorney.

There are many things a socail security lawyer can do that can put your case in a better light.
So do not give up. Get Help. You could loose everything and for good if you do not take the necessary steps.
The simple fact is : the vast majority of SSD and SSI claimants will have no idea how to properly and thoroughly prepare a disability case for a hearing, whereas an attorney advocate disability representative can apply years of expertise with social security rules and regulations toward the goal of obtaining a favorable outcome on a case.

 This month I will be teaching lawyers techniques for winning social security cases. I wish you could be there to learn. But all you really need to do is contact me right now for a FREE case evaluation . Call me at 1-800-447-6549 I promise to return your call as soon as I can.

You have found a Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI) lawyer serving Cincinnati, Ohio.

While a disability attorney or non attorney advocate representative cannot guarantee that a claimant will be awarded social security disability or ssi benefits, a social security lawyer can guarantee that a case will be properly developed prior to a hearing date.

For more information about Social Security Disability Click below to go to my Cincinnati practice Center
Social Security Disability Secrets Are Not So Secret If You Hire An Experienced Lawyer
Remember it costs nothing to call and speak with me. And if you hire me you are not charged an hourly fee.

Don't Delay and Make one of the three critical mistakes I talk about on this cincinnati social security disability help video

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cincinnati Social security disability Attorney Issues Press Release

Cincinnati social security disability attorney Anthony Castelli issued a press release about his new social security disability practice center.

Now its easier than ever to get easy to understand advice, in article or video form on how to win your social security application. Anthony said, " I tried to make this page so anyone seeking to apply for social security disability benefits could easily find keys topics without being overwhelmed. I put what I thought would be the most important points to cover."

To learn about such timely topics as:

  What you must do to win your social security disability case

   The social security disability application process

    The difference between SSI and SSDI

    7 Critical Mistakes that can Ruin your social security disability case

     5 Keys to winning Your case

Go to the Cincinnati social security disability attorney center

Click here for The press release about Anthony's practice center for social security disability

Anthony welcomes your questions and offers a Free No Obligation conult Call 1-800-447-6549


Friday, February 4, 2011

Cincinnati Attorney Meets Social Security Disability Expert

If you have ever looked for help from a social security disability attorney you may have seen this web site. It's called the disability digest. The web site is The publisher is an amazing man Brian Thierren. After searching his web site I was curious about someone that knew so much about social security disability.

So I emailed Brian. We corresponed back and forth and connected by phone. Brian not only helps people get social security disability with his web site, he also provides jobs for disabled folks.  If you get social security disability you can still make gross income up to $1000 a month. Brian can provide access to work , mostly at home at your own pace and part time that can get socal security claimants extra income.

 He also has access to attorneys in your state if you can not find a good social security disability attorney to help you. I very much enjoyed speaking with Brian and found him to be very genuine and dedicated to helping the disabled.

Brian also has a free social security disability mini course . Here are some of the topics:

1. Getting Started

2. What You'll Need To File

3. Why Claims get denied and what to do about it

4. Why It Takes So Friggin' Long!

5. Attorneys' When and if you need one?

6. How An Attorney Can Help You WIN! (audio interview)

8. Eight Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Representative

10. How to Survive The Wait?

11. Learn What Happens At the Hearing! (Video)

I was elated to see that much of this information  I have on my own web site Cincinnati social security disability lawyer

Learn HowYou Can Maximizes Your Chances Of Winning and Avoid costly mistakes that cause delays or ruin your case forever.  For  a short and straight to the point explanation about what to do now call me for a free no cost consultation at 1-800-447-6549 or go to my web site and read the articles and watch the videos on social security disability help. You don't have to do this alone and you can greatly increase your chances of winning disability benefits.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great Resources and Videos Explaining Social Security Disability

Help for getting social security disability is available. The problem for many is that they do not know where to get the help. Many think they can not afford the help. Nothing could be futher from the truth.

I have created a series of articles and videos that help explain some of the basics. Here is an example of what you can find on my Social security practice Center web page.(See below for link)




If you get denied you only have 60 days to file your appeal. Once you get denied don’t make the critical mistake of not appealing or not appealing within the 60 days.

Three Critical Mistakes Social Security Disability Applicants Make (Video)

I have included several articles for you to review.

7 Critical Mistakes that can wreck your Social Security Disability Claim

5 Keys to winning your Social Security Disability Claim

9 Reasons to hire a Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney

You can afford to hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

Click on this link to go to my Cincinnati  Social security Disability Practice Center for some help .
Or I invite you to call me today for a FREE No Obligation evaluation 1-800-447-6549

Multiple Sclerosis and Social Security Disability by Cincinnati Lawyer

Getting Social Security Disability for multiple sclerosis is not easy. Some judges do not understand the relapsing remitting type of MS. There are two ways to get your case allowed.

First if you fit yourself into the listing for multiple sclerosis. This is difficult to say the list without proper evidence.
Second if you show you are unable to work 8 hours a day five days a week. Your age also plays into whether you get social security disability benfits. At age 50 or older the rules can help you out if you have done light work or above and now are only able to do sit down unskilled work.

Plus don't give up hope of getting better someday. Here is a great link to MS research that is ongoing 

If you are no longer able to work and would like a free case evaluation you can call me at 1-800-447-6549 or you can go to my web site for social security disability help