Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cincinnati Attorney Reveals Critical Change in Social Security Disability Law

If you are a Cincinnati Social security disability lawyer or a social security disability claimant that has been denied at the administrative law judge hearing you need to learn about SSR 11-1p the latest social security ruling on disability claim.

Under this ruling social security will no longer process a later disability appilcation if you already have a claim under the ame title and of the same type pending in their administrative review process. A claimant who wants to file a new disability claim under the same title and of the same benefit type will have to choose between going on with the administrative appeal or decling to purse the administrative review and starting a new application.

This comes about when you have been denied by the administrative law judge at a hearing . you can appeal that to the appeals counsel which could normally take over a year. There is no hearing involved. If you loose that appeal you can file into federal court. Again there is no hearing and it is rare your case is overturned but sometimes they are remanded for further hearing.

So this puts the claimants on the horns of a dilemna and it is important to discuss with your social security disability the pros and cons and what may be best for you.If you need to find a Cincinnati social security disability attorney click here