Friday, October 14, 2011

Social Security Disability Critical Claim Mistakes

Social Security disability claimants often want to know what are some of the critical mistakes that I can avoid that may ruin my chance for winning my Social security disability application. There are quite a few mistakes that can cause you to lose your social security disability claim.  An experienced social security disability attorney would be your best defense against making these mistakes. Just as important they are your defense when a Judge errs.

Failure to follow prescribed treatment is one of the big mistakes that can affect your credibility or in some cases is mandatory in order to win .For instance if you have epilepsy and are unable to work because of it you may be able to win you case. but you will lose if you do not take the medicine as prescribed that could , but may not prevent your epileptic seizures.

Here is a video I recorded on three distinct additional mistakes that social security disability or supplemental security income claimants make that can wreck your case, possibly forever in an SSDI as distinguished from an SSI case.

Three Critical Mistakes that can ruin your social security disability case by a Cincinnati Social security disability lawyer

When you file for social security your financial future and the well being of your family is at stake. The 25% fee out of past due benefits capped at six thousand dollars seems a small amount to take out of a winning social security disability case that could mean hundreds of thousands of benefits.

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