Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Use A Physical Therapist to Win Your SSI Claim

My clients tell me that "Winning my SSI  or Social security Disability Claim means everything to them. As well it should as their future is at stake if you can not work and you have no money coming in. So my goal is to win your social security claim no matter what.

Many SSI lawyers do not realize to enlist the Physical therapist to give a residual functional capacity evaluation, (what you can and can't do). They may not realize this opinion is valid. Recently I read in the NOSSCR National Association of Social Security Claimaints' Representatives Social Security Forum that an Administrative law judge rejected the physical therapists's opinion that the claimant should be limited to a sedentary position where he could be mostly seated with the ability to elevate his legs and flexibility to change positions as needed. 

The federal district court found the Judge to have erred for rejecting the opinion by the physical therapist . The judge had found under social security rules this was not an acceptable source because the therapist was not a doctor. The court explained the opinion was still valid under SSR 06-3p.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Social Security Disability Critical Claim Mistakes

Social Security disability claimants often want to know what are some of the critical mistakes that I can avoid that may ruin my chance for winning my Social security disability application. There are quite a few mistakes that can cause you to lose your social security disability claim.  An experienced social security disability attorney would be your best defense against making these mistakes. Just as important they are your defense when a Judge errs.

Failure to follow prescribed treatment is one of the big mistakes that can affect your credibility or in some cases is mandatory in order to win .For instance if you have epilepsy and are unable to work because of it you may be able to win you case. but you will lose if you do not take the medicine as prescribed that could , but may not prevent your epileptic seizures.

Here is a video I recorded on three distinct additional mistakes that social security disability or supplemental security income claimants make that can wreck your case, possibly forever in an SSDI as distinguished from an SSI case.

Three Critical Mistakes that can ruin your social security disability case by a Cincinnati Social security disability lawyer

When you file for social security your financial future and the well being of your family is at stake. The 25% fee out of past due benefits capped at six thousand dollars seems a small amount to take out of a winning social security disability case that could mean hundreds of thousands of benefits.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cincinnati Attorney Reveals Critical Change in Social Security Disability Law

If you are a Cincinnati Social security disability lawyer or a social security disability claimant that has been denied at the administrative law judge hearing you need to learn about SSR 11-1p the latest social security ruling on disability claim.

Under this ruling social security will no longer process a later disability appilcation if you already have a claim under the ame title and of the same type pending in their administrative review process. A claimant who wants to file a new disability claim under the same title and of the same benefit type will have to choose between going on with the administrative appeal or decling to purse the administrative review and starting a new application.

This comes about when you have been denied by the administrative law judge at a hearing . you can appeal that to the appeals counsel which could normally take over a year. There is no hearing involved. If you loose that appeal you can file into federal court. Again there is no hearing and it is rare your case is overturned but sometimes they are remanded for further hearing.

So this puts the claimants on the horns of a dilemna and it is important to discuss with your social security disability the pros and cons and what may be best for you.If you need to find a Cincinnati social security disability attorney click here

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Social Security Disabilty Benefits Expedited for Veterans Secret Revealed by Cincinnati Lawyer

If you have filed for social security disability benefits you know the process can take over two years in some cases. However there are certain ways to get your case expedited. This is true especially if you are a veteran seeking social security disability benefits.

As a experienced social security disability lawyer I take a two pronged approach to getting veterans benefits much faster than the ordinary route.

Two Pronged Approach to Speeding up Social Security Disability Application for Veterans

1. The first step is showing some connection between your disability and the fact that it may have been service connected. Here's the form number the social security administration uses for expediting disability benefits . I-2-1-95. Exhibit – Critical Request Evaluation Sheet. The form suggests that the disability , or at least one of the disabilities the veteran is claiming is due to a casualty.
However it does not hurt to try to move your case along if the injury was traumatically caused.

In fact I was successful in representing a veteran with a service connected back injury caused by the weight and awkward position he ended up in that injured his back.

2. The second step for expediting social security disabiliy benefits applications is asking for an attorney advisor opinion. The social security lawyer you choose has to be proactive in sending pertinent medical evidence and requesting this.

In successful cases this can shave as much as a year of waiting or more from getting your social security disability application acted uopn.

By Cincinnati Ohio social security disability lawyer

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