Monday, June 7, 2010

Cincinnati Social Security disability Attorney Reveals 7 horrrible Mistakes

Cincinnati Social Security Disability Lawyer Reveals 7 Horrible Mistakes Social Security Claimants Make

Here are 7 critical things not to do if you want to win your social security case.

1. Thinking social security will get all the evidence. Social security will usually get some evidence but usually they will not get the complete medical records and reports that could help you win your case.

2. Thinking that you are so ill or injured that your illness or injury will speak for yourself. Just because you know someone that got disability and they do not seem as bad as you don't think you will automatically win.

3. Failing to file a timely appeal. If you do not appeal your case in the time given you may loose your chance to get any or all the benefits you deserve.

4. Thinking that the social security people you talk with will help you win your case.

5. Thinking that if you get denied appealing your case is just a waste of time. This in many cases is absolutely untrue. That's why a case taken all the way to a judge can be a winner even after two denials

6. Thinking that a non attoreny representative will be cheaper than an attorney.

7. Thinking that you can not afford an attorney. Most attorneys take these case on the basis that their fee will be 25% of the past due benefits up to a maximum of $6000. So when you can not afford to loose know that you can afford an atorney to help you win

by Cincinnati social security disability attorney Anthony Castelli. Call him today at 1-800-447-6549 to get the help you need. Anthony is a member of the National Association for social security Representatives

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney Reveals Tip From Judge

Recently I finished a Cincinnati social security disability hearing with an administrative law judge. Every one in awhile after a hearing is closed and you get to speak with a Social Security administrative law judge informally, they give you a pearl.

This is not secret disability information by any means, though some social security disability sites would tease with this lead in to get your attention on this key piece of advice with the words social security disability secrets revealed. Although it may not be known by many I would not term it a secret. More correctly a practice pointer.

The social security disability judge told this attorney that he sees many attorneys that try to ignore seemingly damaging evidence. The judge told me that anything like that should be attempted to me explained by the client. My old evidence teacher called this " Taking the sting out".

As an example suppose there is evidence of alchohol or drug use. If the judge finds this is material to the disability your client will loose. Therefore you must have you client honestly talk about their usage. Hopefully the usage was isolated or has completely stopped. But be sure that if its in the records the judge will see it and want to know about it. You must prepare your client for it. The worst thing they can do is deny any usage when the record clearly confirms the usage. This totally undermines their credibility. The worst thing you can do is ignore it. As a disability lawyer it totally undermines your credibility

By Cincinnati social security disability attorney Anthony Castelli.