Monday, November 22, 2010

Social Security Disability Applications Don't Have to Take Forever

Have you filed a social security disability applcation. You know that it can take over 2 years in some instances. However once you get to the office of adjudication and review you may be able to move faster. There are multiple ways an attorney can help with this.

 * If your case is strong and you are 50 or over a decision can be asked for on the record.

Social security disability also defines CRITICAL CASES that can be moved forward. These include:

* Terminal illness
*  Injury occured while in the military on active duty
*  Compassionate allowances for paticular descdribed illnesses.
*   DIRE NEED . The claimant is without or unable to obtain food, medicine or shelter.
(you will need documentation of this)
*   Claimant is suicidal

 This are some difficult situations and attorney guidance is recommended.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Social Security Secrets on winning your Cincinnati Diability Case

Winning your social security case seems to be getting tougher. Maybe its because of the increase in applicants. Too bad you can not judge shop. This means trying to pick a favorable job. The statistics on judges are mindboggling. Some judges will grant a high perscentage and some judges a low perscentatege.

Here's a link to a social security disability attorney that picks top blogs with helpful information to help you.

This is the social security blog round up. This link should take you to a page on his blog that lists the artice I wrote back in march on the topic

Some of the other topics covered are : Attorney vs non- attorney

                                                            Another reason you may be denied your social security benefits(there are many traps you can fall in to. Your credibilty is key)

                                                             How to describe Pain (You want to be very specific about location intensity duration )

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Social Security Disability for Epilepsy by Cincinnati Lawyer

Social Security has stringent requirements to get disability benefits for epilepsy. As November is Epilepsy awareness month  I wanted to give you a short primer on social secuity disability for epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a listed illness. This means that if you meet these criteria and are not working gainfully you will be approved for benefits. The assumption from meeting or equalling a listing is that you are unable to work because of the severity of your epilepsy.

Here is a brief outline of the listing :
11.01 Category of Impairments, Neurological

11.02 Epilepsy - convulsive epilepsy, (grand mal or psychomotor), documented by detailed description of a typical seizure pattern, including all associated phenomena; occurring more frequently than once a month, in spite of at least 3 months of prescribed treatment. With"
A. Daytime episodes (loss of consciousness and convulsive seizures) or

B. Nocturnal episodes manifesting residuals which interfere significantly with activity during the day
11.03 Epilepsy - nonconvulsive epilepsy (petit mal, psychomotor, or focal), documented by detailed description of a typical seizure pattern including all associated phenomena, occurring more frequently than once weekly in spite of at least 3 months of prescribed treatment. With alteration of awareness or loss of consciousness and transient postictal manifestations of unconventional behavior or significant interference with activity during the day.

So with grand mal seizures you need to have them at least once a month and with petit mal more fequently than once per week. Even if you do not have the exact symptoms you still can be found disabled if you are unabe to work for at least one full year.

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