Monday, November 22, 2010

Social Security Disability Applications Don't Have to Take Forever

Have you filed a social security disability applcation. You know that it can take over 2 years in some instances. However once you get to the office of adjudication and review you may be able to move faster. There are multiple ways an attorney can help with this.

 * If your case is strong and you are 50 or over a decision can be asked for on the record.

Social security disability also defines CRITICAL CASES that can be moved forward. These include:

* Terminal illness
*  Injury occured while in the military on active duty
*  Compassionate allowances for paticular descdribed illnesses.
*   DIRE NEED . The claimant is without or unable to obtain food, medicine or shelter.
(you will need documentation of this)
*   Claimant is suicidal

 This are some difficult situations and attorney guidance is recommended.

by Cincinnati social security Disability Lawyer Anthony Castelli. Call 1-800-447-6549 to get your questions answered for free