Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Social Security Secrets on winning your Cincinnati Diability Case

Winning your social security case seems to be getting tougher. Maybe its because of the increase in applicants. Too bad you can not judge shop. This means trying to pick a favorable job. The statistics on judges are mindboggling. Some judges will grant a high perscentage and some judges a low perscentatege.

Here's a link to a social security disability attorney that picks top blogs with helpful information to help you.

This is the social security blog round up. This link should take you to a page on his blog that lists the artice I wrote back in march on the topic

Some of the other topics covered are : Attorney vs non- attorney

                                                            Another reason you may be denied your social security benefits(there are many traps you can fall in to. Your credibilty is key)

                                                             How to describe Pain (You want to be very specific about location intensity duration )

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