Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Use A Physical Therapist to Win Your SSI Claim

My clients tell me that "Winning my SSI  or Social security Disability Claim means everything to them. As well it should as their future is at stake if you can not work and you have no money coming in. So my goal is to win your social security claim no matter what.

Many SSI lawyers do not realize to enlist the Physical therapist to give a residual functional capacity evaluation, (what you can and can't do). They may not realize this opinion is valid. Recently I read in the NOSSCR National Association of Social Security Claimaints' Representatives Social Security Forum that an Administrative law judge rejected the physical therapists's opinion that the claimant should be limited to a sedentary position where he could be mostly seated with the ability to elevate his legs and flexibility to change positions as needed. 

The federal district court found the Judge to have erred for rejecting the opinion by the physical therapist . The judge had found under social security rules this was not an acceptable source because the therapist was not a doctor. The court explained the opinion was still valid under SSR 06-3p.

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