Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cincinnati Social Security lawyer Will File Your Application in Our office No Wating in Line

As a Cincinnati social security disability lawyer I've learned that many people do not know how to file their application for social security disability. This can be done many ways but not many lawyers will help you file the initial application.

My office staff can file your application at our office if I determine after a free consultation with you that your case has merit.  We can help you put into the right words the language social security needs to hear.  Plus we only charge you a fee if your application is approved. And the fee only comes out of your back benefits. The fee is 25% of your back benefits.

Winning your case can make all the difference in the world . To a person age 50 seeking social security disability benefits that would be entitled to $1500 a month a win  is worth $170,000 over the next 15 years.  That's $18,000 per year. Benefits are based on earnings that have been paid in. Or in the case of SSI your monetary need.

You can avoid going down to social security and waiting in line by coming to our office to file your social security disability application . You can have an experienced SSI and SSDI lawyer guide you. And if your case is denied we can be ready to appeal it for you and represent you in front of a social security administrative law judge.

Know that social security denies people deserving of social security disability benefits. Here is a press release about my Cincinnati Social security disability practice center. Please educate yourself with some videos and read some articles. Then call me for a free consultation . Schedule an appointment without delay to get you SSI or SSDI application filed without delay and with the help of Anthony Castelli attorney an experienced  social security disability attorney . The time is now to get the benefits you deserve.