Saturday, October 1, 2011

Social Security Disabilty Benefits Expedited for Veterans Secret Revealed by Cincinnati Lawyer

If you have filed for social security disability benefits you know the process can take over two years in some cases. However there are certain ways to get your case expedited. This is true especially if you are a veteran seeking social security disability benefits.

As a experienced social security disability lawyer I take a two pronged approach to getting veterans benefits much faster than the ordinary route.

Two Pronged Approach to Speeding up Social Security Disability Application for Veterans

1. The first step is showing some connection between your disability and the fact that it may have been service connected. Here's the form number the social security administration uses for expediting disability benefits . I-2-1-95. Exhibit – Critical Request Evaluation Sheet. The form suggests that the disability , or at least one of the disabilities the veteran is claiming is due to a casualty.
However it does not hurt to try to move your case along if the injury was traumatically caused.

In fact I was successful in representing a veteran with a service connected back injury caused by the weight and awkward position he ended up in that injured his back.

2. The second step for expediting social security disabiliy benefits applications is asking for an attorney advisor opinion. The social security lawyer you choose has to be proactive in sending pertinent medical evidence and requesting this.

In successful cases this can shave as much as a year of waiting or more from getting your social security disability application acted uopn.

By Cincinnati Ohio social security disability lawyer

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