Friday, February 4, 2011

Cincinnati Attorney Meets Social Security Disability Expert

If you have ever looked for help from a social security disability attorney you may have seen this web site. It's called the disability digest. The web site is The publisher is an amazing man Brian Thierren. After searching his web site I was curious about someone that knew so much about social security disability.

So I emailed Brian. We corresponed back and forth and connected by phone. Brian not only helps people get social security disability with his web site, he also provides jobs for disabled folks.  If you get social security disability you can still make gross income up to $1000 a month. Brian can provide access to work , mostly at home at your own pace and part time that can get socal security claimants extra income.

 He also has access to attorneys in your state if you can not find a good social security disability attorney to help you. I very much enjoyed speaking with Brian and found him to be very genuine and dedicated to helping the disabled.

Brian also has a free social security disability mini course . Here are some of the topics:

1. Getting Started

2. What You'll Need To File

3. Why Claims get denied and what to do about it

4. Why It Takes So Friggin' Long!

5. Attorneys' When and if you need one?

6. How An Attorney Can Help You WIN! (audio interview)

8. Eight Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Representative

10. How to Survive The Wait?

11. Learn What Happens At the Hearing! (Video)

I was elated to see that much of this information  I have on my own web site Cincinnati social security disability lawyer

Learn HowYou Can Maximizes Your Chances Of Winning and Avoid costly mistakes that cause delays or ruin your case forever.  For  a short and straight to the point explanation about what to do now call me for a free no cost consultation at 1-800-447-6549 or go to my web site and read the articles and watch the videos on social security disability help. You don't have to do this alone and you can greatly increase your chances of winning disability benefits.