Wednesday, February 23, 2011


As a Social Security Disability Lawyer I help those who have been injured or have an illness and are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits to get the maximum that you are entitled by law.

Whether you are filing a first time application, or appealing a denial, I have the experience to fight for the the cash benefits you need.

Nationally, only about 30% of Disability applicants are approved at the first level. With the waiting period for Administrative Law Judge appeals now exceeding 500 days, it is more important than ever to get your case right the first time. Even if you get denied make sure you appeal right away and get a professional to guide you because you still have a very good chance of winning given the right evidence develped for you. I have been a member of the National Organization of Social Security Represenatives so I can stay on top of current developments.

When you call or email me please be prepared to answer these question

1. Your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
2. Are you Single Married Widowed Divorced
3 What is your disabling condition that prevents you from working?
4 How long since you have not been able to work?
5 Have you ever applied for Social Security Benefits? If so When were you last denied?
6. Did you appeal?
If yes when?
Were you denied the appeal

I offer a no cost attorney consultation to see if I can help you get approved for social security benefits. Call 1-800-447-6549 to talk to me personally. If I take your case my fee depends on getting you benefits.
Check out this video page about social security disability