Sunday, April 3, 2011

Social Security Disability Secrets revealed on Video by Cincinnati Lawyer

Social security denies valid claims.That means deserving people are denied.I just had a client who was very depressed after a denial , but he came to me and we were able to get his case overturned.This was after the first denial . A rarity as most cases have to go to the second denial and to a hearing in front of a judge.

Here are some video tips to help you win your social security disability application. The worst thing you can do is give up after one denial. Many claimants are awarded benefits after a denial.But you must appeal. Get a attorney to do it for you. These videos will explain what to do

The primary reason they were able turn a denial into a victory is that they hired a good social security disability attorney who know how to get the right medical information before social security.

Here are three video to start you education or increase your knowledge about social security disability benefits.

Social security disability benefits and SSI - What's The difference

Three critical mistakes that can ruin your social security disability application

What You must Prove To win You Social Security Disability application

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