Saturday, August 20, 2011

Number 1 Way to Win Your Social Security Disability Case by Cincinnati Lawyer


Many social security applicants do not know what is necessary to win. Some lawyers make a key mistake by not getting the number 1 most critical piece of evidence that can win your social security case. Without it you may not be able to win your case.

Social disability claimants when asked why they can not work will tell you
words to the effect of I have a bad back, I have had 2 back sugeries, I have a herniated disc. Or they may say I was in a auto car crash and hurt by back. Or I got hurt at work when I fell. or they may say I slipped on a wet floor in a store and damaged my knee.

But none of thses injuries tell us what you can or can not do in terms of basic work activities. Basic work activities are things such as standing, walking, lifting, sitting, pushing, pulling, bending, reaching. The social security disability claimant needs to be able to describe with specifics how long they can stand at one time and how long they can stand total in an eight hour day. The reason for this as jobs are rated this way. Social secrity disability claimants must show that they can not do their former work , but also work that exists in the national economy.

Thus it is important to get a local social security disability lawyer
that knows this key piece of information. When I was starting out doing social security disability help the chief administrative law judge at the time told me exactly what he wanted to see a social security disability lawyer do at a hearing. It involved this evidence in conjunction with cross-examination of a social secuirty disability vocation expert.

You can not just tell the judge or the social security administration how long you can sit , stand, walk and how much you can lift. Your treating physician must provide this information on a special report form. You must have the support of your treating physician. And he must give the information in a certain format.

I have developed a form that I use to submit to my client's doctor. This form assures the correct information will be given. It makes the doctor
give the objective evidence that could reasonably be causing the symptoms and the FCE or functional capacity of the individual in terms of what they can do. If you are beginning the process of filing for social security disability you can contact me a social security disabilty attorney . Just click on the link to be taken to my social security disability lawyer web page . I will gladly send you me form for no cost to you.

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