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Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney

Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney

Living with a physical or mental disability is not easy. Its a living hell when you have to live with a serious disability especially those that cause unrelenting pain. Its even more difficult when you can no longer function to support your family.

The federal government has two programs to pay disability compensation, in order ease the situation for you and your family.
1. Social Security Disability Insurance, and
2. Supplemental Security Income .

The law defines disability as a physical or mental condition, in which the ill or injured person is unable to seek gainful employment to support himself for a period of at least twelve months. To be able to get the disability income, one is required to prove disability to the local Social Security Administration.

The procedure for obtaining social security disability can be lengthy and time-taking. Almost seventy per cent of the cases filed are invariably rejected by the Social Security Administration. It may be a better idea to engage the services of an attorney specialized in social security disability law to help you. A Cincinnati social security disability lawyer can handle your claim and lead you through the social security disability maze.

They can examine your claim and recommend the right course of action. All work like compiling and organizing your medical records, employment history and witness testimony can be handled by a Cincinnati social security disability lawyer.

Your local Social Security Administration offices are at:

SSI Office
Room 2000,
550 Main Street,
Ohio, 45202

Social Security Administration offices
15 East Sunnybrook Drive,
Ohio, 45237

1-800-772-1213 is the number to call at social security disability

the National web site is

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