Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cincinnati Attorney Explains Social Security Disability and Depression

Cincinnati Ohio attorney Explains How He helped his client Get Social security disability for depression
If you are so depressed you are unable to work you may be able to get social security disability benefits. Recently I represented a client who was unable to work because of serious depression. The client had a stellar work history for over 25 years even though they had bouts of depression.

The client came to me after being denied for social security benefits. I filed an appeal and got a hearing in front of a federal administrative social security judge.

Although the judge wanted to go straight to the symptoms, I felt the client had a story to tell about his life that would show he really wanted to work, but couldn't face the pressure. You must understand that social security usually has a faceless doctor that only reviews the record and gives an opinion about the claimants ability to work that the judge can rely on to defeat your case.

We got across to the judge that when the client's support systems were taken a way , loss of a very close and supportive family member and loss of his job, that the depression became overwhelming. The hell of the dark hole was portrayed to the Judge, not only through the claimant, but also through another family member and through the client's psychologist.

I had the psycholgist fill out a detailed questionare that rated the severity of the depression and the affect it had on multiple work related functions. By the time the one hour hearing was over the judge granted benefits.

Now the burden of living with this severe emotional desease may be lessened for my client. Since now they know they will have the money to support themselves though in a very modest fashion.

If you are suffering the hell of an emotional disorder that keeps you from working please call Cincinnati social security lawyer Anthony Castelli at 621-2345 for the help you need to get the compensation you deserve.