Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cincinnati Attorney Reveals Social Security Disability Winning Strategy

Cincinnati Attorney Reveals Social security Disability Winning Strategy

Carefully review the record for things that are inconsistent with your client's position, Such as he took a five hundred mile trip, but alleges he can not sit for very long.

You want to bring this out with your client and have him discuss it. Or even mention it in your pretrial memorandum. If you can explain the inconsistencies before the judge brings them up this helps your client's credibility as well as your own.

You must prepare your client for this . A failure to remember is often just as bad as an outright misrepresentation. So remember beat the judge to the punch and your credibility will be helped.

Often times the judge that wants to deny your case will use crdibility of your client as a determining issue. So you must also tell them what to expect and how to respond. You are not telling your client what to say but how to say it.

Face the fact that some clients exaggerate without meaning to lie. For example if your client has a bad back ask them how much they can lift.Many will respond they can't lift anything. Of course they mean they can not lift much, but again this is a big difference and a judge can jump on that. another technique is to ask the client to rate their pain fron 1-10. Again a 10 is defined as hospital admission type pain so unless you have that an 8-9 is still a severe indicator and seems more realistic to most judges.

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