Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seriously Injured Accident Victims May Need a Social Security Lawyer

If you have wrongfully suffered a personal injury and are so hurt that you will not be able to work for one full year you may also want to hire a social security lawyer.  As a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer  and Cincinnati social security attorney for over 30 years,  there have been occasions where my client had a bad injury from a car accident or other injury and could not work.

Having experience in both areas of law helped me guide my client, not only in the initial personal injury case they hired me for, but I was also able to help them with their Socialsecurity disability application.

If it appears that the personal injury victim may not be able to work for one full year then they may be able to get social security disability benefits. Usually it takes a long time to get approved so it’s wise to file as soon as you think you are at risk for not being able to work for one full year.

Clients have told me it’s nice to be able to deal with one lawyer for two different types of cases. It’s also helpful to the lawyer to know what evidence is being produced in each case. This avoids duplication as well as surprises.

One thing good personal injury lawyers do is try to help solve all of their client’s problems. Sometimes this means finding them a great attorney in another area of law because of a problem created by their personal injury. Sometimes it means for the lawyer to  handle a second issue themselves if they are capable.

It’s important to know that if you are seriously injured there may be a federal social security disability benefit that you can access. This does not mean you have to take it forever. Once you have healed up sufficiently, there is a 9 month trial work period.  SSDI will pay you while you attempt to get back in the work force for the first nine months that you work after your injury.

By Anthony Castelli Attorney Serious Accident and Injury Law and Social security disability applications
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