Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cincinnati Lawyer Says It is Not necessary to Cut Social Security

As a Cincinnati Ohio social security disability lawyer I have seen many deserving people have their financial lives saved by social security disability. This is known as SSI to some and SSDI to others.

SSI is supplemental security income and is available for those who are unable to work and have limited assets and are no longer or have never been covered by social security disability insurance.

SSDI is social security disability income and is for people who have paid into the social security system and have enough covered quarters that if they are not able to work that can get financial disability benefits.

Of course everyone knows about social security retirement benefits. For those born in 1960 or after full retirement age is 67

Social Securtiy Does Not Need To Be Cut

Contrary to some thinking social security does not need to be cut. It does not add to the deficit. In fact there is a surplus so that even if nothing is done will last for 21 more years with people getting full benefits. It will take only minor accomodations to fund social security after that time.

Social security benfits are modest. And from my experience no judge is giving away benefits. In 30 years I have never seen a non deserving person get benefits though I have felt several that deserved benefits for disability did not get them. The average benefit for todays reiree or diabled is about $14000.00 per year. This is about $1200 per month. About 1/3 of retirees rely on social security as all of their income


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