Sunday, September 13, 2009

5 Steps to Winning Your Social Security Diability Claim

You may be etitled to Social secutity disability benefits, but social security often denies good claims. Here are five steps that can help you win your social security case.

1. Seek competent medical care for your physical or emotional condition on a regular basis

Without medical evidence you have no chance of winning your case. And even if you see a doctor he may not support you especially if you have not been to them enough to create a relationship.

2 Follow your doctor's advice and take the treatment and medication they prescribe. If you fail to follow treament this could lose your disability case.

3. Ask for a referral to a specialist. For example if you have epilepsy you want to see a doctor that specializes in epilepsy. A specialist doctor in a particular field carries more weight with social security than a general practioner.

4. Give social security information based in terms of how your injury or illness affects your basic work activities, such as how long you can stand at one time and how long you can stand in an 8 hour day, how much you can lift, how long you can sit and how long you can concentrate. This is a limited list but hopefully it gives you the idea.

5. Hire an attorney experienced in social security disability. They will know what exactly you need to win your case and will get the evidence necessary from your doctors. Studies show you have a better chance of winning your case with an experienced Social disability attorney

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