Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Social Security Decision Granted On the Record For Depression

This post will help you understand how an emotional disorder, such as depression, can be the basis for getting social security disability benefits. The other part of this blog will talk about an on the record decision.

An on the record decision by a social security law judge means that your case did not have to proceed all the way to a hearing where you would be present in front of the judge to testify. It means that the social security disability judge based their decision on the records in front of them. This allows your case to be decided faster than ordinary.

So how do you get an on the record decision. One you can ask an attorney advisor to review the case. Or you prepare a memorandum and have the judge look at it. Of course you must have strong evidence.

In this case my client had a nervous breakdown followed by some improvement. He could take care of himself. But any work was way too stressful and would make the depression and anxiety worse. I asked the treating psychologist to write a comprehensive report and to respond to some particular questions. The report was well thought out and tipped the case in our favor. Such that the judge called and said a hearing would not be necessary. This was despite two earlier denials.

So do not loose heart if you get denied. And don't delay. If you have been denied please call me Cincinnati social security disability lawyer Anthony Castelli 1-800-447-6549 so I can help you get the compensation you deserve.