Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney Wins Benefits for Client

As a Cincinnati social security disability attorney, one of the areas of law I focus, I got a pleasant surprise for a client. A 49 year old man was awarded social security diability benefits for a chronic pain syndrome and associated depression.

The judges decision was delivered about 60 days ago. But all that tells you is that you won. And at what point your benefits start. It does not tell you the amount of the award. The amount is an internal calculation another component of social security makes. It depends on how much you paid into the system and for how long.

So today I received the award cetificate. This tells what the back benefit is. My client will get $54,956.50. My fee was 25% of the back benefit capped at $6000. Also my client will be entitled to Medicare. They were paid from february 2008. Needless to say this will not alleviate my client's disability , but it will help him have a little security and piece of mind.

If you hare thinking about applying for social security disability or have been turned down I will gladly take your call to see if I can help you get the compensation you deserve. 1-800-447-6549. Anthony Castelli Cincinnati social security disability attorney or check me out at my web site

Disclaimer. I guarantee your case is not like this one . Each person is unique and each case brings with it it's own strenghts and weaknesses and potential benefits.