Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cincinnati Social Security Disability Shocking Statistics on denials Revealed

Social Security Disability judges in Cincinnati and throughout the United States have a wide variance on the decisions they allow. In other words one judge may allow a large percentage of the cases before them. Another judge may disallow a large percentage of cases.

In Cincinnati one judge had made 257 decisions for 2010 and only allowed 102. Another judge had 196 decisions and allowed 105. Another judge made 290 decision and only allowed 79.

While a more favorable judge heard 450 cases and allowed 415. What a wide discrepency. How can this be. My take is that some judges are more compassionate than others and if the evidence is there , such as a treating physicians report, they are likely to accept it as controlling on the capcity of what a person can do.

The judges that deny consistently write their decisions to circumvent the treating doctor's report and use isolated circumstances so call into question the claimant's credibilty.

Here is the link to al the social security judges disability decions for 2010.

Social security disability judges decisions

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