Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Prescription Medication for disability Claimants by Cincinnati Attorney

If you are applying for social security disability benefits you probably are struggling to make ends meet. Surely you need medication. Doctor samples only last so long. Here are some links that you can go to to apply to get a greatly reduced price if not downright free medications.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Select Benefits Network

 The good news is that you can afford a social security lawyer . That is because most lawyers work on a fee contract that calls for 25% of your past due benefits if they are awarded. This means that if there is no back benfit awarded or you looose your case no fee is owed. So you do not have to come up with a retainer to pay an hourly fee. Additionally most lawyers cap the fee at $6000. so if your back benfit is over $24,000.00 the fee would still only be $6000.

by Cincinnati social security disability attorney Anthony Castelli. Call Yony today at 1-800-447-6549 to get help