Saturday, May 19, 2012

Social Security Disability Benefits In Cincinnati Are Hard To win

As a Cincinnati social securitty disability attorney I know that social security disability benefits are difficult to win. Recently an oped piece in USA today attacked the social security disabiliy system allowances as being based on recession. This is just misguided.

After practicing social security law for 30 years I have never had a client that could work get granted benefits. Although I have thought worthy claimants had been denied. This is born out by reversals and remands by the apppeals council of disallowances by the administrative law judge.

At one point the articlestates, " The appeals phase appears to be particularly problematic. In recent years, judges have been overturning the initial rejection rates at about 60 %. Their decisions vary wildly from region to region and judge to judge. A few judges approve virtually all the cases they hear — making them equivalent of "easy A" professors."

The truth is very few judges are pushovers and many judges only grant 30% of the cases they hear. Part of the reason for judges granting benefits is that it is  where a Cincinnati social security disability lawyer can be most successful. A lawyer can put all his skills to work in front of the judge.

Today's Social Security Disability Insurance bureau is huge,  costly and with flaws. But it deserves to be improved, not berated. Claimants' representatives play an important role by discouraging poor applications and helping those who can prove disability navigate a difficult  an often unfair bureaucracy.

By Anthony Castelli Cincinnati social security disability lawyer. Call today for a free case evaluation and to file in our office to avoid standing in line at the social security office.  513-621-2345