Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winning Your Social Security COPD or Asthma Disabilty Claim in Cincinnati

If you have COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma you may be so ill that you are filing a Social Security Application. As a Cincinnati social security attorney I just won a case in front of the administrative law judge for a client with COPD and Asthma.

My social security disability client had been turned down and did not know what to do. She did the right thing and timely got to a Social security disability lawyer. I appealed her denial. I questioned her in detail about what her restrictions were.

One of the critical things I learned was she had good days and bad days. Some days she could go out and garden. Other days her breathing was so labored she just stayed quiet and in bed. 

If you saw her on her good days you would thing she could work. She readily admitted she could do a sit down job on those days. Of concern in winning her case was the pulmonary function testing on spirometry testing only showed mild to moderate difficulty. She did not meet a listing. A listing is a baseline designation of inability to work given certain test results or other clinical findings.

The judge asked the vocational expert hypothetical questions. Based on those question the VE said she could work. I cross examined the VE with the information I learned from my client about the frequency of her bad days. He agreed with me that she would not be able to hold a job given the amount of bad days that would prevent her from coming to work. 

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Watch this video on the social security disability application in Cincinnnati  that I prepared for you.

Disclaimer. Just because I won this social security disability application case does not mean to imply that I will win yours. there are never any guarantees. But I do promise to fight with all my heart for you. I know what this means to you.